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a few words from our clients about their experiences at Valley rehab

"We are blessed in that people, places and things are put in our path that help us.  Thank you for being one of those people." 
     - anonymous

“I cannot say enough about Valley Rehabilitation in Montgomery, PA. I was anxious about Cara's appointment because she doesn't handle new places well and anything that seems threatening to her can result in a meltdown, but within 5 minutes, the therapists had her laughing and playing and trying new things. She loved it and I think she will be excited to go for her next appointment! And I just have to say....I was so proud of my baby girl for conquering so many fears!”   AND, just a few weeks later....  “This is definitely a result of her PT sessions at Valley Rehabilitation.  A few weeks ago, she wouldn't even walk in the grass. Last night, she walked around the block with mom and me, and didn't want anyone holding her hand. Today she walked from my house to mom's house completely on her own.”

     - Kim Palm, Allenwood

"I was completely pleased with the treatments and care given to me."   "Very happy with service.  Susan is very knowledgeable and friendly.  It's nice to see a friendly face"

     - anonymous

"I think if I did not go to therapy or just stayed home, I would not be as good as I am."
     - Nancy Feaster, Montgomery

"The other therapy places I've been to have been nothing but hustle and bustle all over the place.  Yours was not like that.  Katie was great.  She took the time and helped me understand the point of doing all of these things at therapy and between therapy appointments, and why I need to keep doing them now that I'm done.  I feel pretty good now because I'm still doing these exercises.  I guess it's up to me to keep it up now."  
     - anonymous

"I feel that Valley Rehabilitation is a very good place to go for therapy.  The treatment that I had there helped to locate the area of my problem.  I tell anyone that I was pleased with everything." 
     - Helen Adams, Montgomery

"I have always been well pleased with my care."  "After surgery, if therapy is needed I will be back."
     - Nancy Gruver, Montgomery

"The staff were great and helped me schedule to meet my time needs.  The therapist was medically and professionally knowledgeable.  She was great at reading my body language as well as my verbal explanations."
     - M., Montgomery

"I found much encouragement and help during the time that I was a patient."
     - C., Montgomery

"Had hours to fit my work schedule.  You could work at your own speed"
     - Randy Sayman, Montgomery

"I have mentioned Valley Rehab numerous times to anyone questioning me on the knee surgery and where I went for therapy.  I want to be the "captain" of your fan club.  You all were great!!"
     -Karen Achenbach, Montgomery

"The staff were great and helped me schedule to meet my time needs.  The therapist was medically and professionally knowledgable.  She was great at reading my body language as well as my verbal explanations."
     -Melissa, Montgomery

"I was very happy I chose to go to valley Rehab.  The staff was friendly and made going very easy."
     - Kate, Montgomery

"I am very satisfied with my progress and I know I couldn't have gotten this far without you, Susan.  I really appreciate all the time you took with me to work through the injury.  You've gotten more use out of my hand than I thought was possible and I owe it all to you!!  Thank you very much!"
     -Trudy Freezer, Montgomery

"Overall it was a great experience.  Very friendly -- warm atmosphere.  Thanks!"
     - Teresa Miller, Montgomery

"You guys were great!  I would recommend your agency to anyone that asked."
     - Joanne Smith, Montgomery

"I recommend Valley Rehab to a lot of people that are having knee replacements, or need other type of rehab work."
      - Max E. Bieber, Montgomery

"The therapists were wonderful, always friendly and had a smile on.  They were always encouraging and challenging my abilities to ensure I was able to return to work with 100% confidence I could do it."
      - Cole Reese, Turbotville

"Everyone at Valley Rehab was always attentive to my needs and always listened to any concerns or problems I was having.  They are all very nice people.  Personally if I need anymore rehab, Valley is where I will go."
      - Brian Bartlow, Montgomery

"Everyone was very nice – and I would like to thank Susan for suggesting the MRI to get to the root of my problem."    
     - Barb Holmes, Montgomery  

"I appreciate the good therapy I received at Valley Rehab without it, I would not be as far along as I   am."
     - Walter Miller, Montgomery

"I definitely would recommend this rehab to other people." 
      – Helen Adams, Montgomery

"I believe Susan is very knowledgeable in her work.  It it wasn't for her questioning my area of pain with my doctor, I probably would never have gotten an MRI, and they would never have found the real reason for my pain.  Thank you very much for caring."
- Lori Miller, Montgomery

"Thank you for your help.  The hand will never be quite the same, but is 100% improved."
-Judy Ritter, Elimsport

"Thank you guys for all your help and for being patient with Logan."

"I really liked the way you worked around my busy schedule."
- Nancy J. Gruver, Montgomery

"Not knowing exactly what my problem was, I think you pinpointed it and gave me the ideas on what I could do at home to help speed my recovery."
- Steve, McEwansville

"I was happy to find out that we had a rehab so close to home.  No going to Williamsport!  Susan was great to me and Ashley!"
- Beckie H., Montgomery

"The therapy you used on me helped so much.  I just wish I could come forever.  You and your staff were very nice.  I enjoyed your company as well as the therapy."
- Nancy Z., Montgomery

"Good people.  They feel the welfare of their patients is of the utmost importance."
- Joe M., Williamsport

"Personally I wouldn't return to any of the 'other' rehab places I have been.  Susan was knowledgeable and took my healing at a pace my body could tolerate."
- Mary W., Montgomery

"You really helped my leg pain with the hot moisture pack and massage."
- Anna T., Montgomery

"When I went to Valley Rehab, I was having problems with my legs.  But, after 6 weeks of PT, there has been a great improvement.  I am very pleased."
- R.G., Montgomery

"Susan and Desra was always friendly, helpful and caring - I would definitely go back and also recommend Valley Rehab to others.
- Mike, Turbotville

"After a very dismal 4-5 years, Susan was the first to give me the hope that I could regain enough strength to resume normal activities.  After two sessions, family and friends could notice a difference in my walking."
- Peggy Y., Montgomery

"I could not have asked for a better rehab experience. I tried to find something above strongly agree, but couldn’t.  Thanks for everything.  First time I actually enjoyed going to a rehab.  Thanks for your support, professionalism, encouragement and confidence.  You are now the only rehab that exists in my mind."
- Sue D., Montgomery

"I was very pleased with every aspect of my therapy."
- Cheryl P, Montgomery

"I think that Valley Rehab is a great place.  Thanks for the shirt, pen and the great service.  You ROCK!"
- John G, Montgomery

"Susan did a wonderful job making my toddler feel comfortable and was very patient and understanding with her."
- Stacey C, Loyalsock

"Job very well done.  Would come back again."
- Rich R, Turbotville

"As mentioned before, I appreciate greatly the flexibility in scheduling that you allowed for my situation.  It is the reason I chose you and also the reason I would recommend you to anyone I know who needs therapy!”
- Matt M., Montgomery

" I would recommend this rehab center, the best in the area.....I am proud to be one of their first patients to be treated."
- Sandy J., Montgomery

“…my foot condition was fairly rare and something that has been ailing me for quite a while (over 8 years!).  Through all the testing and doctors etc. that I went through in the past 8 years I've had my share of physical therapy.  So to be honest my expectations were quite low about going through it again.  To my surprise over the course of 5 weeks you've been able to get me to a comfortable level and given me excellent exercises to continue to strengthen my calf and ankle."
       - Matt, Montgomery