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Ashleigh joined the Valley Rehab team in September 2017.  She earned a bachelor's degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Maryland.  

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Susan founded Valley Rehab in 2005.  She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences and Master of Science in Physical Therapy from College Misericordia in 2000.  She has completed Misericordia University's Pediatric Certificate program, and is a recipient of a Certificate of Achievement in Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy from the Women's Health section of the American Physical Therapy Association.  She has additional training from the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.   

Susan has extensive experience treating a wide variety of orthopedic conditions, but she has a special passion for pediatric and women's pelvic health treatment.  Her pediatric treatment experience includes working with children in a variety of settings including outpatient, home, preschool and school-based settings.  She has helped children whose development has been affected by a wide range of conditions and worked with a wide array of adaptive and assistive equipment.  Susan has been providing treatment for pregnancy and postpartum conditions, as well as pelvic pain conditions, since 2012. 

Susan is a member of the Pennsylvania (PPTA) and American Physical Therapy Associations (APTA), and is a member of the Pediatric and Women's Health sections of the APTA. 

Outside of work, Susan enjoys yoga, travel, photography, gardening and spending time outdoors with her family.  She is a member of the Montgomery Volunteer Fire Company as a firefighter, rescue technician and EMT; she previously served in a variety of other positions, including Deputy Chief.  She is a member of Lycoming County's Technical Rescue Task Force, and is a Structural Collapse Specialist, Haz-Mat Specialist and Technical Search Specialist for Pennsylvania Urban Search & Rescue Company 6.  In 2007, Susan was recognized as the Pennsylvania Rescue Technician of the Year. 


What Susan says about her work:

"I am fortunate to have found a profession that allows me to help people restore, heal and improve themselves on a daily basis.  From guiding a toddler in achieving independent mobility on the playground to helping an athlete recover from surgery and get back into their game to helping someone resolve pain that has been plaguing them for years, my job has allowed me the privilege of being on the receiving end of more expressions of thanks, appreciation and gratitude than I could have ever imagined, as well as the satisfaction of knowing that my efforts have helped to improve the quality of someone's life.    

About a decade into my career, I unexpectedly and accidentally stumbled into the realm of women's health physical therapy, and over the last six years I have developed a deep passion for this area of treatment.  So often I hear or read accounts of women who have suffered for years (sometimes decades) with life altering pelvic pain, often in silence.  I encounter pregnant women who haven't slept in weeks because of severe back or hip pain.  I talk to women who, because of urinary or fecal incontinence, confine themselves to home while their lives pass by.  While many of these conditions are common, they are far from normal and should never be accepted as such by any woman at any age.  Someone told me recently that they had always viewed me as someone with a quiet sense of purpose; while some people would disagree with the quite aspect of that statement, I have to agree with the rest of it.  I feel a strong sense of responsibility to share what I know about pelvic health, and I am deeply committed to raising awareness in this area, helping to break through the silence surrounding these taboo problems, and empowering women to regain control or their lives and their health."        

What our clients have to say about Susan:

"We could not have asked for a better therapist, she is very friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. We met Susan by chance through home therapy and will continue with Susan by choice through outpatient therapy. I have seen the most improvements with my son with Susan as his therapist and the most important thing to me is that Ryan loves Ms. Susan!"

"I am very satisfied with my progress and I know I couldn't have gotten this far without you, Susan.  I really appreciate all the time you took with me to work through the injury.  You've gotten more use out of my hand than I thought was possible and I owe it all to you!!  Thank you very much!"

"Susan did a wonderful job making my toddler feel comfortable and was very patient and understanding with her."

"After a very dismal 4-5 years, Susan was the first to give me the hope that I could regain enough strength to resume normal activities.  After two sessions, family and friends could notice a difference in my walking."

Katie joined Valley Rehab in February 2013.  She is a graduate of Lewisburg High School and earned a  Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Saint Francis University in 2011. Since 2011 she has obtained additional training in various aspects of outpatient and school-based pediatric physical therapy treatment. 

Katie has a deep passion for working with children, and she has worked in the pediatric realm for most of her career.  She provided birth to 3-year-old Early Intervention and outpatient physical therapy in the Virginia Beach area from 2011 to 2013.  Since returning to Pennsylvania in 2013, she has worked primarily with pediatric clients in outpatient, home, preschool and school-based settings, treating children with a wide range of conditions.  She is experienced with a wide range of adaptive and assistive equipment, and she puts maximum effort into helping families secure the equipment they need to make life with special and unique needs a little easier to manage. 

Katie is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association (PPTA); she is a member of the Pediatric Section of the APTA.  

She currently resides in Lewisburg, and loves to travel, go hiking and kayaking, and spend time with family and friends.

What our clients have to say about Katie:

"While our son has been treated at Valley Rehabilitation, his physical therapist, Katie has proven to be one of the best in her field. She has shown such caring and compassion throughout our time spent at Valley Rehab. She is focused on meeting the goals set for our son to have the greatest quality of life from the physical aspect. When coming to Valley Rehab to see Miss Katie, she not only treats our son but is sure to include the whole family is in participation of the visit to make it the most interactive and effective for our son to reach his goals of being a participating member of society. Her understanding and kindheartedness is one of the many reasons that we choose Valley Rehab for our son’s physical therapy needs."

"Katie has been a wonderful and VERY patient source of support for [my student]."  "From what I have witnessed, Katie is an awesome PT who has worked, at times, with a rather difficult client.  She has spoken openly with me about both her struggles and her accomplishments in working with [him], and we have both tried to encourage him to the best of our ability.  She has also been very prompt in delivering the documentation necessary for IEP progress monitoring, which occurs every 6 weeks in my district.  From my side of things, Katie is an exemplary employee who should be commended on her ability and her perseverance!"

"The other therapy places I've been to have been nothing but hustle and bustle all over the place.  Yours was not like that.  Katie was great.  She took the time and helped me understand the point of doing all of these things at therapy and at home between therapy appointments, and why I need to keep doing them now that I'm done.  I feel pretty good now because I'm still doing these exercises.  I guess it's up to me to keep it up now." 

our office staff

Ruthie has been with Valley Rehab since the end of 2016.  She earned an Associate's degree in Medical Secretarial Science from Newport Business Institute in 2006.  . 

Ruthie is typically the first face you see when you come through our door.  She assists clients in navigating the details of their insurance coverage, manages all of our medical billing, and manages most of our other front office needs. 

She enjoys spending time with her family and rooting for the PIttsburgh Steelers.