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We recommend seeing your child's pediatrician for new problems or undiagnosed conditions, but we encourage you to CALL US WHEN YOU ARE READY TO GET YOUR CHILD'S THERAPY STARTED!

Many children with gross motor delays or unique developmental circumstances, as well as children who have undergone orthopedic surgery, benefit from warm water for relaxation before stretching and buoyancy of the water to aid in upper body support and balance. The extra support offered by the water is an amazing confidence builder and therapeutic tool for children who otherwise require the use of a walker or human support to stand or walk!!! 

Our heated therapy pool measures 11' x 11' x 53" deep, and comfortably accommodates one pediatric client and one therapist.

For additional information about our pediatric aquatic therapy program, call or email us!  

**Our pool room is still operational, but is currently undergoing some renovations.  We ask that you excuse our mess while we complete our improvements to better serve your child's needs! 

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