Our specially trained female therapists are proud to offer discreet, professional, individualized support and treatment for some of the most intimate problems women can experience. 

We utilize proven treatment techniques, coupled with client education, to empower each woman to prevent or improve conditions that can negatively affect overall quality of life.

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Physical THERAPY

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We offer evening appointments to help you fit P.T. into your busy schedule!

Check here to see the full listing of our business hours.   

Pennsylvania law allows physical therapists to provide care without a physician's order.  Additional information about self-referral and scheduling physical therapy without a physician's order is available on our Direct Access page.

To schedule your appointment, or for additional information, call us at 570-547-0480.

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physical therapy

It's YOUR choice.  It's OUR privilege.

It is your right to choose your health care providers; physical therapy is no exception.  The staff at Valley Rehab has been privileged enough to provide care to your neighbors, friends and family since January 2005, and we will continue to consider it a privilege to provide physical therapy treatment to each person who chooses our services in the future. 

We are here to assist the community If, after visiting our website, you have not found the answers to all of your questions, please do not hesitate to call us!!

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Our tiny friends are some of our very favorite customers!!  They are so eager, happy, bright and full of hope when they come through the door to see us for physical therapy!!

Our therapists are equipped to treat a wide variety of conditions in children of any age, from newborn through 21 years of age.

Follow these links for more information about our pediatric PT services!!